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High Touch Global Business Travel Management

What keeps you up at night? Travel-On understands that today’s travel manager is tasked with countless challenges and responsibilities, including traveler satisfaction, traveler safety, program compliance, duty of care and managing the bottom line. We can help. Travel-On will show you how to influence your traveler behavior using effective communication and help you inspire the change that drives your travel program’s success. At Travel-On, our goal is to be your complete global travel management solution. Our services include:   - travel program management and consulting   - supplier relationship management and negotiations   - value-added services   - scorecard analysis and benchmarking   - T&E expense management solutions   - multiple online booking tools   - mobile travel applications and much more. We work closely with a diverse client portfolio to create comprehensive, consultative partnerships resulting in successful, measurable and cost-effective programs. Our dedication to providing unparalleled personalized service and travel planning expertise is unwavering, as our high client satisfaction and retention rates will attest.


"I would give you a 10+"
Good morning Patricia: First, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I can find no fault with your service. You always go above and beyond in your effort to set up my travel plans. And as important, is that I enjoy working with you and both the qualities of professionalism and friendliness that you offer. The world needs more of that. Most important, in this particular travel situation, when I was faced with an eye issue (I’m okay and the eye doc is keeping “an eye” on things), you were able to change my flight to get me home sooner and very possibly, avoided what could have been a bad outcome had I not been able to get care here in the US (MA Eye and Ear – the best). Admittedly, I was a little freaked out trying to connect by Skype phone from India and you were calm and assured me you would take care of things. I appreciate both your ability to make the change quickly and your supportive approach. On this situation, I would give you a 10+
Jean C., Reston, VA
"Travel-On is definitely top of the line."
Travel- On has been the University's official travel agency since 1995. It has been my pleasure to be the travel liaison between Travel- On and the University for the last 10 years. For the past decade I have worked closely with many of the employees at Travel On. The customer service provided by each and every one of them has been outstanding. Inquiries, tour arrangements, complex flight itineraries, and last minute reservations have all been handled in a professional manner with every effort made to accommodate the client's wishes. The statistical reports that we receive on a regular basis are excellent. They track every aspect of travel at the University and give a comprehensive picture of where we are in achieving the budgetary travel goals we have established. Travel On provides excellent, full-service travel arrangements for individual, business, and group travel. They are definitely top of the line.
Connie A., Washington, D.C.
"Service isn't a function-it's a philosophy "
Travel-On is led and staffed by travel professionals who truly understand service. It's not just a function to perform--it's a philosophy that encompasses sincerity, caring, and dedication. We are very lucky to have Travel-On as a valued extension of our team!
Kate S., Washington, D.C.
"Personalized service remains your greatest asset"
As I retire, I wanted to express my appreciation to you and your colleagues for the successful partnership which has dramatically improved our travel services. When I first assumed the position in 2002, it was apparent to me that the incumbent agency was not providing the best service. Since 2005, under Travel-On, all traveler concerns were immediately addressed. If I needed special reports, you provided them the same day. With your assistance, we negotiated favorable contracts, resulting in significant savings. Now, the silence is "deafening" in regards to complaining traveler phone calls! Your agents are so successful in directing our travelers to use the lowest available fares that our average ticket price remains stable and affordable. Our goal to expand our program to non-DC locations, including our global field offices, has succeeded under your direction. The personalized service you have provided since 2005 remains one of the greatest assets in managing our travel nee
Edward H., Washington, DC
Aida Bustamante
Leisure Travel Advisor for Europe--Caribbean--Asia

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